Cleaning A Car Glass: A Car Detailing Guide

To have clean windows and windshield in your vehicle won’t only make it appear great, it will also aid you to see clearly and much better. Window cleaning is usually neglected since this task is considered as not fun, time-consuming, and a lot of people just don’t know how to do it. However, it’s essential for you to regularly clean them correctly. In this article, we will be providing you a guideline about how an expert details the glasses of your vehicle. 


For automotive use, using ammonia-based cleaners is definitely discouraged. This is because ammonia can produce fumes that are hazardous for your health. Hence, utilizing it in your vehicle, which is a closed area, is dangerous and not recommendable. Aside from that, it can dry out leather, vinyl, rubber, and plastic and it can damage your tinted windows. Instead of using this cleaner, you must look for an ammonia-free glass cleaner. 

Water spots 

If the glass of your vehicle has water spots, you could eliminate them by applying a glass polish. Polishing the glass of your vehicle can eliminate any minor scratches and slight imperfections and it can also bring back clarity. This method can be done by hand, however, it would definitely take longer and the outcomes won’t be as great as utilizing a machine. A DA or rotary polisher together with a food glass polish and a polishing pad will make your glass have a mirror-like finish. 


You can determine the results of your cleaning session by just knowing what kind of towel you will use. Once you utilize paper towels for your auto glass, there will be remnants of small fibers that can ruin the entire look of your window. Though using newspaper works, it does not work well as compared to using a microfiber towel. The best means of cleaning windows would be using a low pile waffle weave microfiber towel since it helps in absorbing all of the cleaner and your window’s dirt without retaining any debris or residue behind. 


If the glass of your car is squeaky clean, you have to secure it from future dirt to maintain its shine. You can achieve this by putting a light coat of wax to your windows’ exterior. You can also opt for applying a sealant that can generally offer better protection and lasts longer. 

Never overlook cleaning your windshield wipers 

Once you have observed that your wipers got dirty already, know that if you leave it unclean, the dirt on it will be rubbed into the glass that you recently cleaned. This is why you should never forget to clean your windshield wipers as well. You can do this by taking a towel and pinching the wiper’s rubber part. Then, slide down the towel using light pressure. This procedure will remove the grime and dirt that was on the rubber and this can guarantee that they will be in working order if you intend to use it next time. 

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