Why Should You Drink Beer Daily?

Beer is certainly not healthy food, but, it actually has some great benefits to human health. Regardless of what type of beer you prefer, even if it’s a light lager or a citrusy IPA, you will be getting the amazing benefits that can possibly boost your body. Below are some of the reasons why you should drink a pint of beer every day.

Beer is great for your eyesight

As soon as you have sobered up, the beer you drank can aid your eyesight to further last into your old age. Based on research, if beer is taken in moderation, it can actually aid to avoid cataracts. This is specifically more effective if you top it with nutritious foods rather than fried and greasy food.

Beer minimizes your risk of diabetes

Studies done at Harvard displayed that amid a group of men who rarely drink beer, adding 1-2 beers per day to their diet really made them a lot healthier. The additional beers minimized their threat of having Type 2 diabetes. However, the researchers were vigilant to give a disclaimer that this does not really mean that you must drink to stop diabetes. Rather, they suggested that moderate alcohol intake may not be so bad, after all.

Beer has nutrients

You might think that beer contains no calories. However, depending on the kind of beer, it can possibly have potassium, selenium, vitamin B, and folate. Selenium and folate are fairly rare concerning nutrients and a lot of Americans do not sufficiently have them. Thankfully, beer can aid avoid this deficiency. For instance, Guinness has more fiber and folate than most beers. On the contrary, the majority of light beers lack such nutrients. Still, beers don’t have a nutrition label. Hence, it is difficult to specifically know about this. But the fact that there’s a hint of nutritional benefit you can get from beers is quite relieving.

Beer keeps your brain sharp

You may not feel it while you’re consuming beer. But based on other studies, beer can really help stave off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Drinking beer can also assist in flushing damaging compounds from your brain but make sure to drink moderately.

Beer can boost your self-esteem

Research has also proven that drinkers of beer undergo a particular boost in their self-esteem. Though this doesn’t mean that you must depend on alcohol to resolve your entire mental health conditions. But in this case, beer can aid you to feel better for a short amount of time.

Beer makes you happier

Beer can make a person happier. This is a claim that’s backed with research, which showed that chemical in beer serves to deposit happy hormones in your brain.

Beer has antioxidants

We all know that wine has great antioxidants due to the grapes. However, did you know that beer also has antioxidants a.k.a cancer-fighting agents? In fact, the hops utilized to brew a lot of beer have prenylated flavonoids, a kind of antioxidant known to have different qualities that fight diseases. Do some liquor shopping online now!